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Engineering Assistance

We have a wide variety of Engineering Assistance Capabilities here at AUTI. Please contact us to see how we can improve your business through our Engineering Assistance Staff.

Engraved Wheels                         Crowned Wheels
Engraved Wheels with instructions or contact information Crowned Wheels
Please click HERE for a Larger View.       Please click HERE for a Larger View.

We can engrave wheels, and rollers to meet your specifications. In the picture above you can see wheels engraved with instructions and contact information.
Potting Compounds
Potting Compounds protect your electronic devices against harsh environments.
Please click HERE for a Larger View.

We create, and engineer potting compounds for many different applications. Our Potting Compounds will protect your Electronic Components from harsh environments.

Robotic Fingers and Robotic Parts
Hi Tech Robotic Fingers using Urethane
Please click HERE for a Larger View.

We produce Robotic Fingers, and other Robotic Parts for Hi-Tech Companies. Robotic Parts that use Urethane will outlast other comparable compounds.

Please click on the charts below for a performance comparison between Urethane, and other products including rubber. You will see that Urethane beats the competition hands down.

Performance Comparison

Soft Material Specifications

Medium Material Specifications

Hard Material Specifications

FDA Food Handling Specifications

Glossary of Urethane, and Polyurethane Related Terms

The types of Urethane we process include: Aliphatic, TDI, MDI, PPDI, Polyester, and Polyether.

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